Take Her Somewhere Special This Valentine’s Day

As January just about ends, it has dawned on us that Valentine’s Day is fast upon us. So what are you going to do for that special someone in your life?

Nothing says “I Love You” more than a weekend away together, somewhere secluded or just plain beautiful and in Australia we have a stack of romantic options that fit the bill and are sure to impress even the most hard to please women.

5 Destinations to she’ll love

We’ve nailed down 5 destinations across Australia, including the best flight and hotel deals, that will show her that you are dead set serious about her.

1. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Cradle mountain in Tasmania is absolutely stunning. You will be surrounded by a welcoming, but calm, picturesque and just beautiful scenery. It was voted one the world’s 7 wonders and remains the most iconic peak in Tasmania. Cradle Mountain is draped in ancient rainforest and untouched bushland making for the perfect secluded trip away.

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2. Heart Reef, Queensland

Sure it’s slightly cliche however, there’s a reason that this completely natural reef formation in the heart of the Whitsundays’ Hardy Reef has been the site of more proposals than perhaps any other location in the country.

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3. Daylesford, Victoria

Daylesford is the heart of Victoria’s spa country and offers a surprising experience sure to rejuvenate your body, spirit and mind. The area around the sister towns of Daylesford and Hepburn Springs feature Australia’s highest concentration of natural mineral springs and as a result, it has a well-served reputation for being a hub of relaxation and pampering for couples. The fact that it lies just over an hour to Melbourne’s northwest doesn’t hurt in terms of accessibility, either.

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4. Southern Highlands, NSW

The region boasts a sleepy, old-world feel with attitudes to match, and there’s rarely a time where first-time visitors are not made to feel welcome here. The Southern Highlands are home to multiple sub-destinations, and the region is host to an enjoyable, mild climate that offers welcomed relief during the summer months.

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5. Adelaide Hills, SA

The Hills serve as an embodiment of the region’s European influence and it’s a part of South Australia that mixes elements of Germany, France and Australia into a cosmopolitan blend of wineries, craft beers, culinary excellence and varied landscapes to form a wonderfully rich and enjoyable whole.

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