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Our AVG Product Review – 4 Reasons why we recommend AVG

This AVG Product Review was put together by ECG Data to provide helpful information for businesses and online users.

AVG was founded in 1991 by Jan Gritzbach, AVG and therefore has accumulated 28 years worth of experience. This gives AVG a significant advantage over their competitors, especially when it comes to trust. AVG is best know for providing free anti-virus software. You can’t get anymore trustworthy than that.

As a result of their 25 years of experience, the AVG software is well tuned and provides optimal results. This is great news for such a crucial piece of software. When thinking of small – medium sized business it is paramount that there is some sort of online protection in place.

We’ve put together an AVG Product Review that includes a 4 reason list of why we recommend AVG to small – medium businesses.

Reason 1 – Product Reliability

As mentioned above, AVG has over 28 years worth of experience, therefore you’d expect the product to be smooth, stable with a clean and easy to navigate interface. With the AVG software, that’s what you’ll get and not only is the design great the detection functions work extremely effectively!

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Reason 2 – Customer Support

Unlike some of AVG’s competitors, AVG provides social media ( Facebook, Twitter etc) support through live chat and phone support. AVG has also developed a support centre on their website. We can confidently say that you can sort most issues out without having to pick up the phone.

Every package whether it’s free, AVG Unlimited or AVG Ultimate all come with the same Antivirus functions and also include hyperlink scanning for websites and social media.

  • AVG Unlimited: includes much more advanced features like password protection, online shield and free support.
  • AVG Ultimate: takes it to the next level, you get all of the above features but also an added bonus of:
    • Anti-spam,
    • Shopping protection,
    • Mac and Android support, and
    • priority updates.

All of these features are soon to be an essential part of security software with the increase of malware attacks.

Reason 4 – Trustworthy

Again, AVG have been around for over 28 years and have been helping users protect their pc’s from online viruses by way of their free and paid products.


To summarise our AVG Product Review. AVG offer a smooth, easy-to-use, software that surpases most of their conpettitors when it comes to quality and affordability. AVG are confident that they have produced a great product and so are we, that is why we recommend any small business that has some sort of stake or online presence to use AVG.

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